Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What is Catalog Photography?

If you have ever been impressed with the mind blowing visuals of products on a shopping portal, it is all thanks to innovative shooting and artistic presentation. The same also happens in case of catalogues that are made in print. There is a method to the madness that is apparent. Catalogue photography has its usefulness for print media. During trade fairs, several exhibitors need catalogues of their products. This calls for special photography also. It cannot be done without the help of the right equipment, setting and the expert.

Catalog Photography
Getting the right photos is tricky. In fact it is the most essential part of the entire service. To understand this, the photos need to know that the product is the main hero of the project. So whatever styling and presentation is done the focus always has to be on the main item. Sometimes if the product is dull then bold backdrop is required. With this the product can be displayed in the foreground for proper identification. Sometimes with the use of vibrant backdrops the product appears larger.  This illusion helps in bringing clarity to it. After shooting the picture, the same is also edited. A drop shadow is added to make it look multi-dimensional.

In catalogue photography, the best way is to segregate the products. The clutter of a montage does not let the focus be on one single item. And this can be a distractive element. Hence single shots are helpful against a white background. This is interesting because when the pictures come to the photo editor, he will now add his expertise to make them look fabulous. It is a team effort that pays. It is all controlled from one single interface. And this has really been a boon to commercial photography done under controlled lighting. It brings the right perspective to both photography and photo editing.

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