Sunday, June 24, 2012

Salable Photography Services Offered by a Specialist

Photography became a profession as early as it came into existence. With the advancement of technology the services offered by photographers have grown into wide range. 

Photography services were available dating back to the invention of photography itself. Initially addition and deletion of objects into photos were done for various reasons. There were many famous ‘doctored’ photos sprouting from different parts of the globe. So, post processing of photographs has a long history. 

Let us see some of the modern day’s post processing photography services offered by specialists. One common need for every photograph is photo editing. As mentioned already, the patrons want objects to be added from one photograph to another. This usually happens when one family member is accidentally missed out. Another scenario is to add pet, friends, vehicles etc. The act of photo editing should be done with extreme care. The lighting and blending should be perfect so that addition or deletion of entities shall not affect the overall beauty of the photo. After all, the client will ask for editing only to preserve the photograph as a memory. The customer’s sentiment towards the photograph should be respected while doing a photo editing. In addition to including / excluding of objects in the photo, blurring. Sharpening, soft touching to enhance the skin tone is also done as part of photo editing.

Color correction is another photography service provided by experts. Color correction involves two kinds of photographs. One is converting a historical photo to digital image file. Another is correcting digital images to fine tune its appearance. Firstly, let us walk through how bygone images are digitalized: lay the image as flat as possible and scan it. Place a white paper as the background and scan. Once the image is converted to digital image format, then the experts will use clone stamp or similar technique erase of the distortion in the photo. Thereby, the memories of the photo are brought back. With this technology, one can float back decades back and live that time heartfelt.

Image retouching is a concept in which extreme effort taken to enhance the skin tone of the model’s in the photo. This is mainly used in modeling and glamour photography post processing. Here the editor will note the background well, then work on the skin tone of the subject. The processed photo should be a virtuous end product. Since the client project oneself with the photo, image editing should be done will all respect. Image retouching will enrich the skin tone; reduce marks / tans in the skin; sharpen eye line, costumes etc.

Image resizing is a procedure in which the image size is increased reduced as per the need of the punter. While increasing the size, care will be taken to maintain the pixel clarity. Hence, it is vital to work with vector images. Decreasing the size will not involve too much problem. However the details in the image should not be compromised. 

To give added impact to a beautiful landscape or to give a stunning to look to a wide angle sport photo, color manipulation will give a helping hand. Color manipulation will increase / reduce the darkness of the color in an entity. For example, it will increase the green in a lush grassy knoll just below a gorgeous waterfall will make the image iconic.  Apart from these there are services like, Exposure blending, Blur / Sharpening, Noise reduction etc. All of them part of salable photography services offered by experts.

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