Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fancy Reflection Shadow Techniques Made Easy

Product photography is always a tough task when it comes to clicking shining or glowing stuff. And some fancy effects like reflection shadow techniques that can attract attention instantly.

One fine morning while you read the newspaper and your wife comes out of nowhere and points at one watch of a famous brand and say that this is something, which she always wanted. I kept on wondering how a shiny stuff like that watch was shot and how nicely it was presented out there so that my savings oriented wife can also fall for it.

These kinds of products, which have shining effects are very hard to click in the camera because the reflection which they give while clicking might be harmful enough to destroy the lenses leave apart the blurred image outcome and a perfect mismatch of colors.

This is the reason why the clicking world of photography had to find out the ways through which this reflection can either be modulated or regulated as per the needs of the photograph.