Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fancy Reflection Shadow Techniques Made Easy

Product photography is always a tough task when it comes to clicking shining or glowing stuff. And some fancy effects like reflection shadow techniques that can attract attention instantly.

One fine morning while you read the newspaper and your wife comes out of nowhere and points at one watch of a famous brand and say that this is something, which she always wanted. I kept on wondering how a shiny stuff like that watch was shot and how nicely it was presented out there so that my savings oriented wife can also fall for it.

These kinds of products, which have shining effects are very hard to click in the camera because the reflection which they give while clicking might be harmful enough to destroy the lenses leave apart the blurred image outcome and a perfect mismatch of colors.

This is the reason why the clicking world of photography had to find out the ways through which this reflection can either be modulated or regulated as per the needs of the photograph.

There are certain products like ornaments, watches and glass products generate an additional flash or reflection once they are faced to the camera flash, this definitely discourages the healthy photo clicking experience, as an incoming flash to the lenses of your dearly beloved camera can cause damage to them, resulting into a unsettled, blurred, non-clear image and consequently defeating the entire purpose of product photography .

To be precise upon the clicking of watches and jewelry we have certain tactical safeguards. When we talk about the jewelry, sometimes we find the jewels reflect us as a mirror itself. Therefore, certain extra expert measure are taken such as setting up the camera at the highest manual point from where the subject could be seen but would not be reflected, going into the manual mode of your camera, a custom while color balance is strongly recommended as per the surrounding lights, setting up the maximum aperture to get the image in full depth and lastly make your best efforts to keep the camera connected to a well supplied adapter so that you don’t run out of power while shooting such an arranged picture.

In this kind of photography, due to its metals, surface and other components jewelry generates a huge volume of reflection sometimes upto 99% resulting into either a blacked out image, Glares and hot- spots. Therefore, using the natural daylight is the best solution, which can be incorporated under your photography approach.

Talking about jewelry watches, the same problems with certain ups and downs subsists. Therefore he also we have to use the natural daylight continuously so that the illumination may be towards the lighting side and not the camera; here also we must not forget to switch off the flash. Then comes another element called diffused lighting, in this we put some additional light over the object so that the generated reflection gets diverted towards such additional lights and producing a nice result to the photographer. The white balance wizard does also make his attendance here to enable camera for adjusting itself according to the photography environment. Rest of the techniques, we have the same setting up the camera at the highest point, maximum aperture to get an in depth shoot of the object and turning off the flash of the camera.

These techniques are there to be materialized with the help of certain specified equipment and only then it would be able to give you your desired result.

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