Thursday, May 17, 2012

T-Shirt Photography - Helping Online Sales of this Versatile Apparel

T-shirt photography is an industry that grabs thousands of customers in a single day. Every T-shirt brand, manufacturers, retailers and shopkeepers need to undergo t-shirt photography to make their products reach more number of consumers.

T-shirt Photography
T-shirt Photography
The apparel industry includes a variety of clothes, out of which the most flexible and anywhere anytime items are the t-shirts. From tees, to semi formal t-shirts and casual t-shirts, t-shirts are available for every occasion and event. Creativity lies in everything done. It is the key to great work and amazing results. When a photographer clicks a photo, he keeps in mind to the capture the product in a way that it is reveals the products features and makes the viewers eyes stuck to it. They add a pinch of creativity to every photo they capture. There are a huge number of companies in the world that undergo T-shirt photography for all the firms. You may have come across showrooms in which you see a t-shirt in a photograph and get attracted towards it. But when the shopkeeper shows the actual t-shirt, it seems to be a little insipid than the one in the photograph. This is the magic that t-shirt photography restrains. A single image of a t-shirt can provide a wealth of information instantaneously that cannot be achieved in writing. A good quality t-shirt photograph can help in increasing the website or the brands sale, strengthen the brand, and make the catalogue of the company or the website stand out from the others. T-shirt photography is something that has now become essential to sustain business in a competitive environment online.

Online shopping of clothes has increased tremendously over the past few years. There are many online firms that deal in selling of various brands of t-shirts or there are dedicated brands website, where in, they sell their own t-shirts. T-shirts being the most versatile item of clothing, their online shopping is escalating day by day. There are also special websites that deal only in selling of t-shirts of all types and styles. All these websites need to have a specialized portfolio of their products to make the customers aware about the various styles of items they deal in. Firms that offer t-shirt photography have experienced professionals that capture images to take out the best in a t-shirt from every angle. These firms also have editors that edit and touch up the photo after it is processed. This eventually proves to be essential when the consumer is buying the product online. 

There are various forms of t-shirt photography available:

2D photo:
2D Photo
2D Photo
A t-shirt can be displayed in a simple 2D way in which only the general specifications are included. A 2D photo can be clicked from any digital camera and be uploaded in the website
3D photo:

3D photo
3D Photo
A 3D photo makes things easier while doing t-shirt shopping online. The picture appears to be far more attractive than the original product because of the effects added to it. A professional can only capture 3 D photos.

360-degree photo:

360-degree photo
A 360 t-shirt photo enables the consumer to view the t-shirt from all possible angles. This is like standing in a shop and holding the product in hand.


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